a little about me

a little about me

Angel of Mercy, mixed media reverse glass painting  18" X 18"

I was born as World War ll closed its ugly chapter in Europe. My parents were survivors of concentration camps and met and fell in love after the war. My pregnant mother rode the rails with one foot on each car hanging on for dear life as my father looked down from the top of the jostling railcar to make sure she was still there. Life was very confusing for survivors at that time and I was an unplanned surprise forced upon them in a displaced persons camp outside of Munich, Germany. I am a mix of Lithuanian luck and Polish fortitude.

We emigrated to the US in 1949 and ended up in Lincoln, Nebraska where my father's uncle sponsored us. The Bible Belt was a strange place for a family of greenhorns to start  a new life, yet, we eventually managed to learn English and the American Way. Mom became a suburban housewife with a lovely accent. Dad worked his way up from laborer at a metal junk yard, to house painter and finally film editor at the new local TV station. He had operated film projectors at the DP Camp and talked his way into the new era of 1950's TV production. He worked there for over 30 years.

I went to public school and did all the usual things an abnormal teenager does and entered college in the troubled 60's. I studied art at the University of Nebraska after first earning a teaching degree. No doubt, I ruined the lives of many first graders who are still, most likely, going through therapy.

I lived many lifestyles; hippie, wife, building contractor, teacher, divorcee, antique dealer, shoe baron and so forth until I decided to do what I had always really wanted: devote myself to my love of creating art.